Does it pay to eat organic?

It's an argument that continues to exercise consumers and growers across the UK - organic produce may be good for the environment, but is it any better for your health?
A new study has found that when it comes to tomatoes at least, it really may pay off to fork out for the more expensive organic produce.
Researchers from the University of Barcelona have found the pesticide-free version of the fruit contains higher levels of disease-fighting chemicals than the conventional kind.
Known as polyphenols, the chemical compounds protect plants against disease and are thought to also benefit human health.  The nutrients have a natural antioxidant effect and studies have suggested they could help halt the spread of certain cancers as well as protect against chronic conditions such as arthritis. Other research has found they can protect against heart disease due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties.
The conclusion challenges the Food Standards Agency, which has long dismissed the health gains of organic food.

Source  - Daily Mail

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