Cranberry juice 'can protect against urine infections'

Drinking cranberry juice to prevent urine infections does work say medical experts who have found scientific backing for this folk remedy.
The review in Archives of Internal Medicine looked at 10 head-to-head trials of cranberries versus no treatment in 1,500 volunteers. But experts warn that the amount people must consume to gain this benefit - a couple of glasses daily for months or years - may be unacceptable to some. And it doesn't work for everyone.
Cranberries contain a substance that can prevent certain bacteria from sticking on the walls of the bladder, studies show. These bacteria, called E. coli, cause over 80% of all urinary tract infections.
The researchers who carried out the latest review found cranberry juice and other products containing cranberries that are sold in pharmacies can ward off some of these E.coli infections. But they don't necessarily work every time or for all individuals. They tend to work best in women experiencing recurrent urine and bladder infections.
And juice appeared to be slightly better than capsules or tablets containing cranberry, although more efficacy studies are needed to confirm this.
The National Taiwan University Hospital researchers who conducted the review said more work was also needed to discover the optimum dose.

Source  - BBC

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  1. It does work. I've been quite lucky and not suffered very often but each time I've drunk cranberry juice and it stopped it.