Why staying mobile is the secret to a happy old age

Keeping healthy and independent are the two most important concerns for people over 60, a recent survey found. And key to both is remaining in your own home for as long as is practically possible, says the charity Age UK.
Unfortunately for many, staying mobile becomes increasingly difficult — around 2.45 million older people in England require help on a regular basis, whether it’s assistance getting dressed, help with the shopping and housework, or getting about. 
Around 750,000 people also require specially adapted accommodation, such as amended bathroom facilities, or something less major, like grab rails or ramps.
The number affected is only going to increase — it’s estimated that by the end of the decade there will be 7 million people who cannot walk up one flight of stairs without resting and more than 300,000 will have difficulty bathing.

Source  - Daily Mail

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