Homeopathy may be hokum but GPs can learn from it

A friend of mine has a chronic disease, an inflammatory arthritis that causes pain and swelling in many of her joints.
She’s never going to be cured; instead, she has to prepare herself for a future that might include hospital admissions and out-patient treatment, as well as daily medication.
I know she’s getting the very best of evidence-based care — her doctors are sure to use only treatments which are proven to work. But she’s unhappy.
Why? Well, she says, every time she goes to the hospital clinic or her GP she sees someone different. She has to start again, at the beginning of her long story of ill health.  So I was sad, but not surprised, when she told me her homeopath was doing her a lot of good.
She had an hour with her, the homeopath was never rushed, and asked all kinds of questions her usual doctors didn’t.
This is Homeopathy Awareness Week and celebrities, including David Bellamy, are involved in a campaign to promote it.
The problem is, homeopathy is bunk — it’s been tested in many studies and found to be no better than giving people sugar pills. But many people are devoted to it. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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