Ginseng can cut tiredness caused by cancer

Ginseng helps long-term cancer patients fight off the tiredness caused by the condition.
Researchers found high doses of the herb American ginseng over two months reduced cancer-related tiredness in patients more effectively than a placebo.
They studied 340 patients who had completed cancer treatment or were being treated for cancer at one of 40 community medical centres.  Sixty per cent of the patients studied had breast cancer.
Each day, those taking part received a placebo or 2,000 milligrams of ginseng administered in capsules containing pure, ground American ginseng root.
Researcher Doctor Debra Barton, of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Centre in the United States, said: ‘Off-the-shelf ginseng is sometimes processed using ethanol, which can give it oestrogen-like properties that may be harmful to breast cancer patients.’
At four weeks, the pure ginseng provided only a slight improvement in fatigue symptoms.

Source  - Daily Mail

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