Fish oil does not aid memory loss

Omega-3 supplements do not appear to prevent mental decline in old age, a study review has shown.

Previous research has suggested that omega-3 fatty acids, especially those in fish oil, can help keep brain cells healthy.
But experts now say there is no evidence that they maintain mental function in ageing individuals, at least over time scales of up to three years. Researchers studied the findings of three trials looking at the effects of omega-3 taken in the form of capsules or added to margarine spread. In each case, their benefits were compared with those of sunflower oil, olive oil or regular margarine.
A total of 3,536 people over the age of 60 took part in the trials, which lasted between six and 40 months. None had any initial signs of mental decline or dementia. Participants taking omega-3 scored no better in standard tests of memory and mental performance than those not given the supplements.
The findings are published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Source  - Independent


  1. No that's good. It doesn't aid memory loss, must mean it helps remembering stuff. ;)

  2. Oh well spotted! Maybe it helps eye function instead!!