Cannabis 'does not slow progress of multiple sclerosis'

Cannabis does not slow the progression of multiple sclerosis, a large-scale study has concluded.
The study at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry at Plymouth University is a blow to hopes that the drug could provide long-term benefits for patients with the debilitating nerve disease.
Despite promising signs in earlier, shorter studies, researchers found patients who took capsules containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a key active ingredient in cannabis, fared no better than those given a placebo.
The trial involved 493 people with progressive MS at 27 centres around the UK and began in 2006. Participants took either THC capsules or placebo for three years.
In the study known as Cupid - cannabinoid use in progressive inflammatory brain disease - MS patients were assessed on both a disability scale administered by neurologists and another based on their own reporting.

Source  - Daily Mail 


  1. Anonymous5:40 pm

    The real reason marijuana does not help patients with MS improve is because marijuana smoke contains methanol, which is the cause of MS.

  2. Thank you - it would be nice to know your name! I didn't know any of that. Are you aware of any direct research into the amount in the atmosphere?