Working out with a partner can double your motivation

Those who are struggling to keep going to the gym should think about recruiting an exercise partner - as long as they are a little fitter than you.
Scientists found working out with someone else was the key to staying motivated - even if the partner was virtual.
A team from Michigan State University recruited 58 young women to take part in a six sessions on an exercise bike. All of them were told to cycle for as long as they felt comfortable.
One group cycled alone while another cycled with a virtual partner who they first 'met' via a pre-recorded video chat. They were told that the 'virtually present partner' would be riding at the same time on a similar bike in another lab.
During the exercise sessions, participants with a partner were able to track their progress by watching what looked like a live feed but was in fact a recording. The scientists told these participants that their partner's performance was a little better than their own.

Source  - Daily Mail

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