Walking for up to two and a half hours a week can slash risks of hypertension

Walking briskly for two and a half hours a week can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, claim scientists.
A new study has revealed how even moderate exercise can reduce the risk of high blood pressure - known as hypertension - in people with a family history of the disease by 26 per cent. Previous studies have shown parental history accounts for about 35 per cent to 65 per cent of the variability in blood pressure among offspring, with varying levels of risk on which parent developed it and the age of onset.
Researchers followed a group of 6,278 adults aged 20 to 80 for an average 4.7 years, with 33 per cent reporting a parent had hypertension. When the study began, all participants were healthy, reported no diagnosis of hypertension and achieved an exercise test score of at least 85 per cent of their age-predicted heart rate.
Researchers also determined their cardio-respiratory fitness using a treadmill exercise test. During the study, 1,545 participants reported they had developed hypertension.

Source  - Daily Mail

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