My new favourite super-herbs!

These four little herbs have some pretty noteworthy health benefits. Check them out:
Digestive aid: relieves bloating, nausea, indigestion, cramps, spasms and IBS
Antispasmodic: relaxes smooth muscle in the GIT
Anti-microbial: wages war on germs and nasties
Anti-allergic: helps prevent histamine release
Analgesic: helps reduce pain – great for tension headaches!
Respiratory aid: clears and soothes the respiratory tract
Stimulant and cognitive aid: mint tea is a good alternative to caffeine when you need your brain cells to get their busy on in the evening but still want to fall asleep afterwards!
Antioxidant (oh yes, we all love a bit of anti-ageing, cell-protecting goodness)

Source  - Wellbeing

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