Integrating conventional and complementary medicine

Whether you think the techniques are motivated by profit-making, cater to desperate and gullible people and could even be harmful, or that they relieve pain and cure illness, save lives and are suppressed by physicians who fear competition, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is definitely here to stay.

An impressive new English-language book, written by a veteran Hebrew University professor (emerita) of sociology and a young HU researcher with a newly minted doctorate in the field, is the result of a decade of joint research.

Titled Alternative and Bio-Medicine in Israel: Boundaries and Bridges, the volume does not judge whether CAM is effective or has been proven by scientific evidence. Instead, Prof. Judith Shuval and Dr. Emma Averbuch – supplemented by nine academic contributors – provides a fascinating historical analysis of CAM in pre-state and contemporary Israel. It is also a formidable examination of how CAM is carried out by physicians and those without formal medical credentials; the cultural and political context; conflicts and partnerships; and recommendations of where to go in the future.

Source  - Jerusalem Post

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