Herbs: healthy or harmful?

Herbs have long been part of our history. In homes long ago shining bush, zepapeak, Christmas bush, bois cano were chosen over conventional medication, to treat ailments.
The rise in the number of people with lifestyle diseases and the long list of side effects tagged to conventional medicines, have forced consumers back to basics—alternative medicine.
Recently Senator Subhas Ramkhelawan referred to local herbalists as con men and called for a ban on what he called their misleading claims and advertisements. Senator Ramkhelawan also asked that herbalists provide customers with a list of side effects for the herbs sold.
The senator's comments have sparked a debate between those pro and anti-herbalists. And while the debate rages on in the letters pages of the newspapers, local herbalists Trevor Sayers and Michael John maintain that herbs require no side effect list and that they both have cured customers with cancer and AIDS.

Source  - Trinidad Express

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