Hallucogenic Devil's Snare

Police and health experts warned today that a "Harry Potter" plant which gives an instant high but which can also kill is gaining a foothold on the British countryside.

The warning came after a teenager chewed on one of the plants growing on a roadside in Sussex.
It so intoxicated him that he stripped off all his clothes and rode naked on his bicycle, weaving in and out of traffic as startled drivers braked and swerved to avoid him. Police who rushed to the scene near Brighton at first feared the 18-year-old youth had embarked on the bizarre bike ride after ingesting hallucogenic "magic mushrooms".
But it transpired he had eaten a plant called Devil's Snare or Datura Stramonium. The plant is depicted as a "magical trap" in the Harry Potter books and is striking looking and incredibly dangerous - but only if eaten. 

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