The 8.15 train to Nirvana

Last summer I bumped into an old colleague.  We hadn’t seen each other for years and it transpired that in the previous 18 months, her mother had died of cancer, her father had moved in with her and she had been made redundant.
Yet she seemed remarkably calm. How on earth was she coping? After joking about the healing power  of gin, she admitted her secret: she had learned how to meditate.
We have all read about the healing powers of meditation. Medical research has found that it can reduce the risk of everything from heart disease to strokes, depression and insomnia – but this was the first time I had seen its benefits up close.  Soon I was meditating twice a day, too, even learning to fit it into train journeys to work or sneaking a few quiet minutes in a bathroom cubicle at the office.
Before I bumped into my colleague I was running on empty. By day I was stressed by silly things that made me snap at people.  By night I would try to unwind with too many hours of television and too many glasses of wine before lying awake in bed stewing over all my worries. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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