Soya milk 'protects the liver' from dangerous build-up of fat

Soya milk is not just good for those who are lactose intolerant - researchers have
Scientists in the US compared the livers of lean and obese rats fed a diet containing either milk or soy protein.
No differences were seen in lean animals. But obese rats fed soy showed a 20 per cent reduction in overall levels of fat accumulation in the liver.
Triglycerides, a type of fat known to be harmful to the heart, were reduced by the same level. This means soya could protect against 'fatty liver disease', a condition linked to obesity that can lead to liver failure.
Study leader Dr Hong Chen, from the University of Illinois, said: 'Almost a third of American adults have fatty liver disease, many of them without symptoms. Obesity is a key risk factor for this condition, which can lead to liver failure.

Source  - Daily Mail

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