How Tai Chi in later life is good for the heart

Practising the ancient martial art of tai chi can boost elderly people's hearts, a study has found.

Older subjects who regularly performed the traditional Chinese mind-body exercise now enjoyed worldwide were less likely to suffer high blood pressure and were physically stronger. Researchers said a work-out which can achieve both good heart function and muscle power 'would be a preferred mode of training' for this group of society.
Heart pulse measurements showed it improved expansion and contraction of the arteries - known as arterial compliance - and increased knee muscle strength.
A number of studies have shown strength training to improve muscle function and offset the effects of ageing have also been accompanied by a decline in arterial compliance.

Tai Chi could be a suitable exercise for older people to avoid this problem, according to the findings published online in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

Source  - Daily Mail

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