How DAYLIGHT could reduce the risk of having a heart attack

Forget CPR, aspirin and blood clot busters - treating a heart attack victim could be as simple as exposing them to light.
Doctors say strong light or even just daylight could cut the risk of having a heart attack or suffering permanent damage after having one. They say that heart attack victims could recover quicker in hospital simply by being exposed to daylight. Experts say the answer lies in the body’s clock, or circadian rhythm, that is linked to light and dark.
The circadian clock is regulated by proteins in the brain. But the same proteins are also in the heart.
Heart expert Tobias Eckle, from the University of Colorado, Denver, and colleagues found that one of the proteins link to the body’s clock - called Period 2 - plays a vital role in fending off damage from a heart attack.

Source  - Daily Mail

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