Fasting: the fast track to recovery?

By the end of last year my body and brain were in slow-motion freefall. In October a bad cold turned into a hacking cough and low-grade fever that wouldn’t go away. Not quite ill enough to take time off work, but far too zonked to do the physical exercise on which my sanity depends, soon I was in a position to confirm a medical fact that doctors never mention: a bottle of wine during the course of an evening makes you forget how bad you felt all day. Unfortunately that sort of self-medication also leads to a paunch, and sleepless nights followed by mornings that have to be got through in a state of exhaustion.
So I resorted to antibiotics and an inhaler. I was also taking anti-inflammatory drugs for my now chronically stiff neck and shoulders. Deadlines loomed, and then passed. As one article went to press, galleys from another appeared in my in-box. Either I could find no time to read for pleasure or after the first page fell asleep. Films I hoped to see came and went.
Then I snapped.

Source  - Telegraph

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