Drinking soya milk twice a day DOES reduce hot flushes

Soy has long been mooted as an ingredient for easing the symptoms of the menopause.
Now in the most comprehensive study to date, researchers have found that two daily servings of soy can reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes by up to 26 percent compared to a placebo.
A team from the University of Delaware reviewed 19 previous studies that examined the effect of the protein source on more than 1,200 women. The effectiveness of soy in alleviating hot flushes has up to now been inconclusive, with some studies suggesting soy to be beneficial and others suggesting otherwise.
The authors of the latest study argue much of the discrepancy is due to small sample sizes and inconsistent methodology, according to the authors.
'When you combine them all, we've found the overall effect is still positive,' said study author Melissa Melby.

Source  - Daily Mail

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