Can meditation make you a better runner?

Recently, I've been training for the Edinburgh half-marathon. But instead of seeking advice from the usual quarters, I've been taking tips from a Tibetan meditation master. In just a short time, following his advice has changed how I think about two things I've been doing for some years now: running  and meditating. Rather than being separate activities, I'm starting to see they have surprising amounts in common. And it's made me newly excited about both.
The advice comes from a new book called Running with the Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham. The Sakyong ('King' or 'Earth protector' in Tibetan) is one of the highest lamas in Tibet and a celebrated teacher who leads the international Shambhala network of meditation centres, including a vibrant London outpost. He also happens to be mad about sport. His previous books on meditation have drawn on his love of golf, horse-riding and weight-lifting to explain the wisdom of ancient meditation texts. In researching this new book, the Sakyong ran nine marathons in six years. Not bad for someone turning 50 soon – although he looks about 20 years younger.

Source  - Guardian

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