Being angry makes you ill

Getting angry is a natural human reaction and, for most of us, the occasional outburst may help to release pent-up stress. But what happens to the body when it is continuously subjected to the emotional upheaval that accompanies day-to-day hostility and rage?
Scientific evidence suggests frequent angry outbursts may increase the long-term risk of everything from heart attacks and strokes to poor healing and a weakened immune system.
Last week researchers at the University of Granada in Spain found ‘looking back in anger’ at past mistakes could make us less able to withstand pain. They quizzed 50 men and women on their feelings about past events, mistakes made and missed opportunities.
The results, reported in the medical journal PLoS One, showed those who dwelt on the bad things in life were more likely to be sensitive to pain than those who lived life one day at a time.

Source  - Daily Mail

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