Top up on sunshine and vitamin D, says charity

People should go outside and soak up some sunshine to help increase their vitamin D levels, a charity is urging.
Arthritis Research UK says vitamin D deficiency can cause bone loss, muscle function problems and, in some cases, rickets in children.
The government recommends vitamin D supplements for pregnant women and children aged under five. But, on sunny days, a few minutes outdoors should achieve the same results, the charity says.
In January the chief medical officer for England said she was concerned that young children and some adults were not getting enough vitamin D. Figures show that up to a quarter of the population has low levels of vitamin D in their blood and the majority of pregnant women do not take vitamin D supplements.
People aged over 65, pregnant and breast-feeding women and children aged six months to five years old are thought to be most at risk.

Source  - BBC

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  1. Isn't it nice to have been able to do this in March!!