A needle in my ankle beat my incontinence

Around ten years ago I started needing to go to the toilet all the time — it felt as if something was  constantly pressing down on my bladder.
My life started to revolve around the bathroom. When I went out to the theatre, for example, with my husband Tom, I’d go before I left home, then at the station, before the show and during the interval. I tried drinking less so I wouldn’t feel so desperate, but I just ended up incredibly thirsty and with a headache.

After about a year of this I went to my GP — he said the problem was that my bladder muscles were contracting too readily. He prescribed drugs to relax the muscles and that helped a bit. I was also referred to a physiotherapist, who taught me daily exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. But I still had a constant urge for the bathroom and it was making my life miserable.

Then last March I saw an article in the Daily Mail about a new procedure where they stimulate a nerve in the ankle, which leads to the bladder, to get the bladder acting normally again. My GP agreed to refer me to North Middlesex University Hospital where they were doing the surgery.

Source  - Daily Mail 

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