The doctors who think conquering hot flushes may be all in the mind

Lynne Collins wasn’t too concerned when she hit 50 and realised she was beginning the menopause.
‘I just thought your periods stopped, which would be rather nice,’ says Lynne. ‘I wasn’t really sure what to expect.’
But over the next few years she started to suffer increasingly from symptoms — most notably hot flushes and night sweats — which affected every aspect of her life.
‘By the time I was 54 I was having several flushes a day,’ she says. ‘They would creep up on me, starting in my chest and then go up to the neck and skull until I was overheating, and my skin would go red and blotchy. Even the smallest thing — someone pulling out in front of me while driving or putting a laptop on my lap — would set one off.  At night, as soon as I got under the duvet I’d instantly feel too hot. I’d wake in the night with sweat trickling down my neck and my back and have to go and have a wash.
My husband Clive was getting more and more worried, and of course it would disturb him too.  There wasn’t a single night I slept all the way through and often I’d go off and sleep in another room.’

Source  - Daily Mail

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