Combining Mainstream and Alternative Medicine

Our readers already have an interest in natural therapies and this article is to perhaps prompt you to become more proactive in combining natural health and mainstream medicine. Often the age old herbal remedies and systems are pushed aside by those which are enmeshed in ways of thinking regarding drugs to be more effective for controlling illness.
This is not always the case and it is time that it was recognised that depending on a person’s health there are times in their life when medical drugs are essential and other times when natural therapies would perhaps do a gentler, more effective job.
Who decides which to use needs to be very much the decision of the person affected. It is important that we always have the freedom of choice to decide what to do about our health and it is heartening that many innovative mainstream doctors out there are now looking at alternative treatments of integrated care for many of the big diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It’s not just a matter of chemo or radiation therapy anymore. Many doctors are now sending their clients to natural therapists to work in conjunction with them in terms of treating their patients biologically, psychologically, spiritually and in terms of lifestyle.
Practitioners are now combining conventional treatments with alternative treatments such as yoga, nutrition, meditation, acupuncture, energy healing and herbal therapies which leads to less stress, fatigue, depression and pain for their patients.

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