Alternative treatment helps Michigan doctor beat infertility

Family practice doctor Erin Murfey never imagined she would have trouble conceiving a baby.  Like many women, she delayed having children until she completed her education and was established in her career.
"I was about 32 or 33 when we first started, decided to start trying," said Murfey.  "There was no fertility issues in my family.  I wasn't thinking that was going to be an issue. We tried for about 6 months, were unsuccessful, and then we went to my personal OB/GYN," said Murfey.
Murfey and her husband tried medications for a couple more months, then decided to visit a reproductive endocrinologist.
"We didn't want to waste any more time," said Murfey.
Doctors did a battery of tests to see if Murfey and her husband were physically able to conceive.  A blood test revealed Murfey had a very high FSH level, a hormone that usually indicates becoming pregnant would be nearly impossible.
"They told me I wasn't going to be able to have children, so I figured we were done and that we had no other options," said Murfey.  "We were just devastated."

Source  - WDIV

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