Dark chocolate isn't so healthy for you after all

Chocoholics pounce on studies showing dark chocolate is good for your heart and contains procyanidins, which help to lower blood pressure.
But while dark chocolate is better than milk and white chocolate due to the antioxidants it contains, it’s also higher in calories and saturated fat.
For example, a 40g serving (4-7 squares) of chocolate that’s 85 per cent cocoa has 227 calories and 12g saturated fat (60 per cent of your daily limit), but the same amount of Dairy Milk has 210 calories and 7g saturated fat (37 per cent of your daily limit).
Get it right: Stick to no more than a square or two daily and tuck into Red Delicious apples as well.
One of these has the same amount of procyanidins as about 47g of dark chocolate. And you’ll save more than 150 calories.

Source  - Daily Mail

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