Middle-aged women warned against buying unlicensed herbal menopause treatment

People are being warned against buying a potentially dangerous herbal product for treating symptoms of the menopause.
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a safety notice over FSC (Food Supplement Company) Black Cohosh 1000mg capsules.
The MHRA said the pills - an unlicensed herbal remedy - contain 50 times the approved dose for treating menopausal symptoms and do not have the necessary authorisation as a medicine.
It has asked the manufacturer to remove the product from the market after experts also found it carried poor labelling relating to safety information and side effects. The pills can currently be bought in health food shops and online.
According to MHRA figures, 50 reports of suspected adverse reactions linked to various unlicensed black cohosh products have been received since 1998. They have included some people suffering jaundice, liver problems and hepatitis.

Source  - Daily Mail 

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