Just a spoonful of malt extract could banish winter sniffles

Aah! That delectable smell of malt extract: all sugar and yeast and… umm, fish livers.
As I hold the tablespoonful of sweet, treacly gloop in front of me, it takes me back to my happy childhood: my mother standing before her three small daughters, bottle of Radio Malt (as it was branded) in one hand, large spoon in the other, cajoling us into swallowing the magic elixir, which was supposed to ward off colds and winter illness while building up our weakling bodies. But it hasn’t been widely seen for decades.
The gloop is a product of the brewing industry, derived from barley grains. Malt extract is packed full of sugars and some nutrients, including vitamin A and riboflavin. Though now mainly used in flavoured drinks and confectionery, after the war it was popular as a cheap dietary supplement for a generation of undernourished children who needed a high carbohydrate feed as well as more vitamins. Back then, its rich, sweet flavour was often combined with unpalatable but nutritious cod liver oil which, with high vitamin D levels, could protect against rickets. Small wonder that in The House at Pooh Corner, Kanga gave Roo and Tigger malt extract as a “strengthening medicine”.

Source  - Telegraph

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