Probiotic drinks that tame irritable bowels

For the first time in three years, Lynette McMeekin is looking forward to her staff Christmas party.
Previously, the nurse from Newcastle has declined the invitation — bloating and pain caused by her irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) made the idea of socialising unthinkable.
‘It left me feeling so bloated and exhausted that all I could manage was to go to work, do the odd bit of shopping and come home,’ says Lynette, 53, who has an adult son. ‘And I was so bloated that when I was at work I often felt embarrassed even walking across the ward.’
Around one in five people in Britain are affected by IBS, thought to be caused by a sensitive gut.  But Lynette’s symptoms were eased by a new drink containing ‘friendly’ bacteria, suggested to her by a colleague.
‘My attitude was “Not another probiotic!”, but I decided to give it a go,’ says Lynette. After a few months the bloating and discomfort have gone.  The drink she tried has just been the subject of a large British trial — one of the first to show convincingly that probiotics can make a difference to health.

Source  - Daily Mail

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