How magnets can help the body fight off prostate cancer

A prostate cancer treatment that uses a magnetic force to help the body's own cells kill tumours is being developed by scientists.

They say it would be particularly effective for the most advanced forms of the disease for which there are few drugs available.

Unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the treatment can kill cancerous cells without harming healthy tissue – which is what causes side effects such as extreme tiredness, nausea and hair loss.
Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. There are around 37,000 new cases a year and 10,700 deaths. But there are few treatments for patients in the most advanced stages and the currently available drugs will only extend life for a few extra months.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield are developing a treatment that uses magnetic particles to help the body's white blood cells kill tumours.

Source  - Daily Mail

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