Rainbow coloured carrots and super broccoli that's healthier and sweeter

The healthiest foods aren’t usually the ones that tempt our tastebuds or turn our heads.

But two new additions to the supermarket shelves could be about to prove that theory wrong.

A healthier and sweeter variety of broccoli goes on sale today – alongside eye-catching crunchy carrots in colours such as purple, yellow and amber. 
 The super-broccoli is packed with a plant chemical credited with warding off cancer and heart problems, and is said to taste better than other varieties.
The BenefortĂ© broccoli contains up to three times as much glucoraphanin – a compound which, when broken down within the body, is thought to provide protection against prostate and other cancers and improve heart health. What’s more, raising levels of the plant chemical reduces broccoli’s sharp flavour, making the vegetable taste less bitter. 

Source  - Daily Mail