High doses of vitamin E 'can significantly increase risk of prostate cancer'

High doses of vitamin E can significantly increase the risk of men developing prostate cancer, says a major study.
The chances of developing the disease rose by 17 per cent, even years after men stopped taking the vitamin, claim researchers. The latest warning over potential harm caused by vitamin supplements follows a study which found women taking multivitamins and other supplements have an increased risk of dying. 
The new findings come from a U.S. trial which was attempting to confirm earlier reports that extra vitamin E and the mineral selenium could help prevent prostate cancer.
Instead the researchers discovered the opposite - more cases of prostate cancer among men taking 400 international units (IU) of vitamin E a day than placebo, or dummy capsules. This is the equivalent of 363mg a day – the measurement used in Britain – which is 30 times more than the recommended daily amount.
Lead researcher Dr Eric Klein, of the Cleveland Clinic in Chicago, said millions of older Americans take supplements containing vitamin E, many of them at the megadose levels of the study.

Source  - Daily Mail

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