Eating chocolate may reduce risk of strokes in women

A sweet tooth isn't necessarily bad for your health - at least not when it comes to chocolate, researchers say.
A study of more than 33,000 Swedish women found that the more chocolate women said they ate, the lower their later risk of stroke. The results add to a growing body of evidence linking cocoa consumption to heart health.
Research leader Susanna Larsson from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, said previous studies had linked flavonoids in chocolate with a drop in high blood pressure - a risk factor for strokes. However, she said the latest study did not give people a free pass to gorge on chocolate as it had not yet been proven whether this theoretical benefit translates into real-life benefits.
'Given the observational design of the study, findings from this study cannot prove that it's chocolate that lowers the risk of stroke,' Dr Larsson said.
While she believes chocolate may boost health, she also warned that eating too much of it could be counterproductive.

Source - Daily Mail

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