Eat yourself happy with foods to beat depression

More of us are now taking ­anti-depressants than ever before and women are almost twice as likely to feel depressed than men.
The researchers – from a German university – blame some of it on the stresses of modern life. “Women in particular are having to juggle family and work more than ever before,” ­explains Professor Cary Cooper, a stress expert from ­Lancaster University. “Then there’s the ­economy and an ­uncertain job climate to contend with.”
Studies show that the start of autumn and winter can lead to a lower mood, ­too, with cases of ­seasonal affective ­disorder (SAD – where a ­lack of sun and ­daylight lower levels of ‘happy’ hormones) increasing at this time of year.  But the good news is you can eat yourself happier by making sure ­certain foods are part of your daily diet.
“What we eat has a huge impact on our mood,” says James Duigan, trainer ­to Elle Macpherson and Rosie ­Huntington-Whiteley. “What we eat can help lift our mood and raise levels of feel-good hormones. However, the wrong food can do the opposite and raise stress levels.” Here’s what to do to stay happy.

Source  - Mirror