Don't swallow everything: Alternative medicine

Why is homeopathy "utter nonsense"? What about ear candling? And does ginger really help prevent motion sickness?
Chemistry professor and author Joe Schwarcz, PhD, answers these questions and more in his latest books.
Schwarcz, director of McGill University's office for science and society, is on a mission to demystify science for students and public alike. Through his bestselling books, a weekly column for The Montreal Gazette, radio shows, university lectures and public talks -- including one given Wednesday night in Calgary addressing the public's rising fear of chemicals -- Schwarcz explores the science that surrounds us in our daily lives.
His forthcoming book, Dr. Joe's Health Lab (Doubleday Canada, Nov. 6, $22.95) focuses on health, nutrition and medicine.
Schwarcz, who's been fascinated by chemistry ever since seeing a magician perform at a childhood birthday party, used to write up science quizzes for his school buddies. He continues to share his love of science with people, selecting items he finds interesting.
"The main theme in all my books is separating sense from nonsense and providing interesting information. It's entertainment for the mind, as well as feeding the mind. I try to make it compact, because in these days people have been conditioned to sound bites, which is why I make them punchy and to the point."

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  1. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I think it's like anything, there's the good and the and in alternative therapies in medicine.

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    One thing I would say though is that you can't expect your doctor to heal you when you do nothing to help yourself...