10 ways to avoid catching a cold

We all feel that first sneeze or tickle at the back of the throat that signals the beginning of the cold season. But is there actually anything we can do to prevent ourselves from getting one? Adults average three to four sniffle bouts a year, with children picking up double this number. Yet scientists are no closer to that elusive goal: a cure for the common cold.
According to Professor Ron Eccles of Cardiff University’s Common Cold Centre, the sheer number of different viruses is the main reason why we keep catching them year after year. But there is a glimmer of hope.
“We’re at a stage now where there’s a huge amount known about these ­viruses and how they work. We hope that by continuing to ­increase this knowledge we’ll have a breakthrough,” says Prof Eccles.
The good news is that all this research has taught us how colds spread. Here are 10 simple ways to ­significantly improve your odds of avoiding the scourge of winter...
1 Go green
The Babraham Institute in ­Cambridge found that eating plenty of leafy green veg can boost your immune system.
It turns out that cruciferous vegetables – from pak choi to broccoli – contain food chemicals that help ensure white blood cells function at peak performance to fight off infections.
Try: Stir-frying broccoli with a little soy sauce and ginger for a fabulous flu-fighting side dish.

Source  - Daily Mirror

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