Spicing up broccoli with wasabi or horseradish makes it an even better cancer-buster

Spicing up broccoli with  horseradish or wasabi can enhance the vegetable’s  cancer-fighting properties, according to researchers.
Scientists say overcooking  broccoli instead of lightly steaming it affects its cancer-fighting properties, but these can be revived by adding horseradish or the spicy Japanese equivalent, both of which contain the enzyme myrosinase.
Professor Elizabeth Jeffery, a nutritionist at Illinois University, said spicing up broccoli increased absorption in the upper part of the digestion system, boosting its impact.
She said: ‘Spice up your broccoli with mustard, horseradish or wasabi. The spicier, the better.’
In the study, when fresh broccoli sprouts were eaten with broccoli powder, the scientists measured bioactive compounds in the blood 30 minutes later. 

Source  - Daily Mail