Poor diets may be to blame for 'allergy' boom

The thought of a latte or milkshake brings many people out in a cold sweat because they are convinced they are allergic to dairy. But researchers say most people who think they have such an allergy or are lactose intolerant are mistaken.
Many people who claim to react to the proteins in milk or the sugar lactose are simply stressed or may be eating too much fatty food.
Professor Peter Whorewell, a gastroenterologist at the Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, told Mail Online: 'We see quite a few people who think they are either allergic or intolerant of milk and it is quite a difficult one to sort out. I often think that it is the fat in the milk rather than the milk itself that can cause trouble and we do see people who seem to be OK on skimmed milk.   We also see a lot of people who have changed to soya milk based on the belief that they are milk intolerant and we often encourage them to go back on milk again to check up on this.  However, it is sometimes quite difficult to persuade people to change their ways once they are convinced a food is upsetting them.'