Diabetic dog owner reveals how her untrained pooch has saved her life... twice

A dog owner has another reason to love her loyal companion and friend - her pet has saved her life twice.
Tracey Poole is an insulin-dependent diabetic and can suffer from hypoglycemic attacks at night, when her blood sugar falls to dangerously low levels. If left untreated the condition can lead to a diabetic coma and can on occasion cause brain damage or even death.

But her clever black and white pooch has worked out when Tracey is having an episode and wakes her up by urgently licking her hand.
Ms Poole, 41, lives alone in Hoo in Kent. She said if her dog Stella hadn't woken her up in the early hours of Friday last week, she could have been in serious trouble.
Tracey said: 'She was licking my hand and nudging me with her nose. She kept nudging and nudging until I woke up. At first I didn't realise what was happening and then when I came round a bit, I realised I was having a hypo and was able to get up and sort myself out. My blood sugar was dangerously low. If she'd not woken me up I could have slipped into a coma.'
Tracey said Stella had performed the same action about seven months ago when Tracey had another attack during her sleep.

 Source  - Daily Mail