Why sunshine could ease Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

Sun exposure may help ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

New research has found a link between hospital emergency admissions among MS patients and low Vitamin D levels. The findings, based on a study of some 70,000 admissions over more than a decade, suggest that the vitamin – which is produced by the skin in response to sunlight – plays an important role in the disease.

Seasonality is also thought to be a key feature of the complex neurological disorder: other research has shown that a person born in the spring – and therefore with mother and baby exposed to low levels of sunshine during the pregnancy – has a significantly higher risk of MS later in life.

Further studies have shown that fewer people with MS are born in November and more in May, again implicating a lack of sunshine during pregnancy.

‘Our work strongly suggests that low Vitamin D levels are associated with the risk of MS relapse,’ says Dr Sreeram Ramagopalan, who led the Oxford University study.

Source - Daily Mail

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