Mothers who want their children to like vegetables 'should eat them during pregnancy'

Many a parent has struggled to get their children to eat their greens. Now scientists think mothers can make a difference by starting them early - very early.

Researchers from Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, found babies can build up a taste for healthy foods in the womb.

In a study, published in the journal Pediatrics, they found flavours were passed from mother to baby via the amniotic fluid.

'Things like vanilla, carrot, garlic, anise, mint — these are some of the flavors that have been shown to be transmitted to amniotic fluid or mother's milk,' study leader Julie Mennella told NPR News.

To test the theory, researchers gave women garlic capsules or sugar capsules before taking a routine sample of their amniotic fluid. They then asked a panel of people to smell the samples.

'They could pick out the samples easily from the women who ate garlic',' Dr Mennella said.

Source - Daily Mail

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