A good nights sleep? Dream on!

Sleep is vital for our health. Our physical and mental well-being hinge on the amount of sleep we get – and yet more people are suffering from sleep problems than ever before.

In fact, figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal that more than 440,000 of us are affected by poor sleep -- and it’s making us ill. Author June Whittle has carried out in-depth studies to help the nation get some shut-eye.

For many people, falling asleep is not the problem. That’s the easy part! It’s waking in the early hours, unable to fall back to sleep that causes nightmares. Most people who struggle to sleep have no sleeping strategy. They do nothing about it and suffer daily.

Let me share with you seven sleeping tips that can change your life forever. When you read them, be open-minded. Some of these tips might seem simple – even obvious. Have you tried them though?

Source - Mature Times

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