Cycling to work can add five years to your life

Cycling might be hailed as a great form of exercise, but a new study now says that it’s not the duration but the intensity that determines how beneficial it is.

A study on cyclists in Denmark has found that men who cycled fast and intensely survived 5.3 years longer, while men with average intensity survived 2.9 years longer than men who cycle slowly. For women studied in Copenhagen the respective figures were 3.9 years and 2.2 years.

Professor Peter Schnor, of the European Society of Cardiology, conducted the research on cyclists and compared their cycling records to their health.

Cycling was found to lower mortality rates as a whole, and was most pronounced at lowering coronary heart disease. Current recommendations suggest 30 minutes or more of moderate physical activity each day to lower the risk of heart problems.

Source - BBC

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