Grapefruits were a diet dream that turned sour... but are they set for a sweet comeback?

It was a staple of the 1970s breakfast table and the basis of countless diets.

But then the British love affair with the grapefruit turned a little sour. Sales of the fruit have been declining - last year they dropped 3.6 per cent to 27,492 tonnes, according to the latest industry figures.

Now, however, grapefruit growers are fighting back. They have launched a campaign claiming the fruit can make you feel more energetic and attractive, and they are encouraging us to eat one per day to boost well-being.

A report by the Citrus Growers’ Association of South Africa has attributed the fall in sales to the bitter taste of white grapefruit and consumers’ unwillingness to add sugar in the large quantities that we used to. The association’s campaign highlights the fact that many modern varieties are much less bitter. ‘Try red and pink varieties – there is no need to add sugar,’ say the growers.

Source - Daily Mail

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