Woman who suffered three miscarriages becomes a mother of two after using reflexology

A saleswoman who was desperate to have a baby after suffering three miscarriages has become a mother of two - after using reflexology to get pregnant.

Gabby Lamplugh, 32, was devastated after she and husband James lost their unborn babies one after another. The couple, who had already overhauled their diets, booked themselves in for fertility tests when a friend recommended reflexology classes.

Reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese belief that we have energy flowing all around our bodies, which can become blocked. Practitioners believe they can free these areas by manipulating the hands and feet, which correspond to all the different organs and systems of the body.

Gabby was initially sceptical of the alternative treatment but was amazed when she fell pregnant after just six sessions. Fearing another miscarriage Mrs Lamplugh continued with the holistic therapy to help alleviate stress and anxiety. The proud parents were delighted when their son Alfie was born in 2009.

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