Number of people with brain cancer could soar 20-fold in 20 years because of mobile phones, experts warn

Two weeks ago, the World Health Organisation warned for the first time that mobile phones may cause cancer - urging users to limit their use.

The warning followed Interphone's research from 13 countries that found that the even just using a phone for 15 minutes a day could substatially increase the risk of a brain tumour.

But it could come to late for many mobile addicts, as it takes 15 to 20 years for primary cancers to develop - meaning the 'timebombs' could have already done their damage.

Graham Lamburn, technical manager at independent watchdog Powerwatch, said: 'This research shows that heavy users are at the biggest risk and that there is a very high increase in the risk of brain cancer from just 15 minutes of mobile phone use. Fifteen minutes is really not that long any more. Many people use their phones for much longer than that each day now. If the indications in this study are right ... then this is a potential timebomb.'

Source - Daily Mail

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