Mobile phones may NOT increase cancer risk as most brain tumours 'not within radiation range'

Mobile phones are unlikely to cause cancer because brain tumours are not clustered within the radiation range emitted from most devices, a new report finds.

Researchers also found people who spent the most time on mobiles were no more likely to experience tumors located within five centimetres of the phone, where '90 percent of the radiation' is emitted.

The findings from the University of Tampere in Finland were revealed as the World Health Organization announced that, upon review of available scientific evidence, mobile phones should be classified as 'possibly carcinogenic.'

Study author Dr Suvi Larjavaara said although the results may be reassuring, they are certainly not conclusive. She said cancer could take a long time to develop and only five per cent of the people included in the study had been using mobile phones for at least 10 years.

Source - Daily Mail

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