How your medicine could be draining vital nutrients from your body

Medication can do much to alleviate the symptoms that make your life miserable. But in most cases they don’t actually tackle the cause. There is also the risk of side-effects.

And as a new book suggests, they might be adding to your health woes by ‘stealing nutrients from your system or preventing their absorption’. As a result, you could end up feeling worse, or even being diagnosed with another condition.

The book, Drug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body Of Essential Nutrients, has been written by leading U.S. pharmacist Suzy Cohen.

‘If you run low on even one vital nutrient, you can experience a cascade of uncomfortable side effects,’ she claims.

These side effects — which she’s labelled ‘drug mugging symptoms’ — may not show up right away; some can occur months to years after taking a drug. So could we counteract this nutrient loss by eating more healthily?

‘Even if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables every hour, you still get only a fraction of the essential nutrients you need from these foods — and if your medication is depleting them, you’ll need even more,’ says Cohen.

She suggests the solution is supplements, though you should take care.

Source - Daily Mail

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  1. This is interesting. I had my first ever operation In November last year, since when I have had one virus after another. I normally either don't get them or recover very quickly! There has to be a connection between the two.