Health and your hair

Are you eating right? Why not ask your hair?

Pierre Beaumier is a chemist who studies hair. Not hairstyles or follicles, but actual hair. “You’re alive because of chemistry,” he notes, and the chemical reactions in your body depend on various metals, all of which end up in your hair. “Hair is one way of looking at these metals and making sure you’ve got enough of them.”

Beaumier, a renowned analytical chemist from Ontario, is coming to Edmonton’s Telus World of Science this weekend to talk about hair and health. Beaumier is the president of the Canadian Alternative Health Laboratories, former president of the Canadian Society for Chemistry and a founder of Maxxam Analytics, Canada’s largest private analytical testing laboratory.

His visit is part of a series of talks celebrating the International Year of Chemistry, says Frank Florian, science director at the Telus World of Science. “The human body is basically one big chemical factory,” he notes, and your hair is a permanent record of its activities. “It’s a way of predicting your future health.”

Source - St. Albert Gazette

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